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Short story: ‘Dinger’


Dinger was having a peaceful afternoon nap, after eating an uncommonly large meal, when he was suddenly grabbed and lifted up in the air. He did not really mind, as this was not the first time he was being carried around. In a way he even liked it, as there was little entertainment left in his daily life anymore. He had grown too old to go out into the night and to bring prey back home to play around with, and today he had to come up with his own fun in other ways. One of his favorite activities, next to taking long naps, was to purposely lie down in spots where people would find him to be of annoyance, which often resulted in him being carried off.

Dinger enjoyed the weightlessness and tried to continue his nap. But as he was flying through the air he started noticing that the landing procedure was taking more time than usually. Most of the time he was simply lifted up quickly, only to be placed back to the ground right after. But now he was carried somewhere far away. He lifted up his head a little, and opened one of his eyes.

“Dear Sir, where would we be heading to, if I may so ask?” Dinger asked. “For I am most tired and would very much appreciate it if I would be let to continue my sleep without further disturbances.”

“He’s still awake,” said the man carrying him. “Should we do this just yet? Maybe wait for a while longer?”

“It’ll be fine,” said another man from the background. “He won’t notice a thing. Don’t worry about it.”

Dinger started feeling annoyed that he was treated in such a disrespectful manner. “It would please me to a great extent if I would not be taken under a discussion as if I would not be right here,” Dinger said . “Quite frankly, I am astonished by the lack of empathy your kind have for…”.

Suddenly, Dinger felt a warm wave flowing over him, and became too tired to finish up his sentence.

When Dinger woke up he had found himself surrounded by darkness. The only source of light was a small object that was lying on the floor close by. The light was a faint one, barely a light at all, but more like a gloomy green glow. But it was enough for his eyes to start getting used to the darkness rather quickly.

“Where in the bloody hell am I?” Dinger wondered loudly. “Is this some kind of a twisted joke?” There was no answer. He got up from the floor and started looking around. All he saw was four walls without an entrance. No door, no windows, nothing. The only thing in the room along with him was an odd apparatus which seemed to be the source of the glowing light. When Dinger inspected the apparatus more closely, he noticed that the source of light was inside of a small glass container. Next to the container was was also a machine which seemed to make odd ticking and crackling sounds. Finally, there was a canister made of metal, and on the canister there was a picture of a human skull. For some reason it made the hair in Dinger’s back stand up.

“Alright gentlemen, you had me!” Dinger shouted. “You got your fun, now let me out!” There was still no answer. Dinger had always thought of himself as someone who was gifted with a good sense of humor. But this particular event, although well planned and executed, did not feel like good joke. He did not suffer from claustrophobia, but being locked in a dark room without any exits, alongside with odd machinery, made him feel uncomfortable. Soon enough he started to panic.

“Please, I will be good from now on! I promise I will not take part in any pranks anymore, just let me out of here!” He started scratching the walls with his nails. “Please, let me out!” This time there was an answer. He heard two men closing in slowly and heard them talking to one another.

“Fifty bucks says he’s dead,” said one of the voices.

“Deal!” answered the other.

They want me dead!” Dinger thought to himself. “Why, why would they want me dead? I have never done such evil that I should be entombed into darkness and be left to rot. I must make my escape from these vile creatures if I will ever get out of this miserable situation.”

Dinger heard the men being right outside the walls. He decided to play it smart and act as if he would be asleep. He lied on the floor silently, but kept one of his eyes slightly open to see what was about to happen. To his great surprise the whole roof was lifted up, and he saw two men watching him from above.

“Is he dead?”

“I don’t know. He’s not moving at least.”

“Poke him a bit.”

Dinger was now faced with a decision, as he knew that they would eventually find out that he was still alive. He could either attack viciously the man who would be soon ‘poking’ him, or he could continue with his act and pretend to be sleeping. Because he didn’t know anything about the room he was in, he felt that a direct attack would most likely result in a negative outcome. He decided to wait.

Dinger felt a hand closing in.

“Seems like he’s alive, I guess you won”, said a voice.

“Good for me, but even better for him, I guess,” said another.

Dinger was taken by surprise. They did not want him dead after all. Maybe it was only a cruel joke still. He felt the hand touching his back again, this time stroking him gently.

With a feeling of great relief Dinger decided to purr, and on a quantum level the universe suddenly collapsed.

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